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Summary of Events-Calendar Year 1971

Source: Ray Pitts

The National Archives and the U.S. Army Military History Institute was unable to find the supplemental history for the 101st AVN BN for 1971. It would have been written in the first 6 months of 1972 which was a year that saw a lot of change for the four companies that made up the battalion. Hopefully future research will find the missing documents, in the meantime Hawks and others are invited to email me with what they remember from 1971 and I will put it in the History section under the heading "A Hawk Remembers".

1971 was the year of Lam Son 719 and other operations that were connected to Lam Son 719. It was 9 February that the Hawks of D Company suffered the loss of 2 pilots and their AH-1G gunship around the Khe Sanh area. On 18 March tragedy struck the Hawks of Company D once again with the loss of 2 pilots and their AH-1G gunship, somewhere in Laos.

Ray Pitts



The preceding pages have been retyped from copies of the actual Annual Supplement to the History of the 101st AVN BN and I have been very careful in my typing to reproduce them as exactly like the original as I can make them in this age of computerized word processing programs. At a future time I hope to be able to post a scanned version of the documents. I have tried to be very meticulous in my typing, and I encourage you to email me with any questions concerning the historical supplements of the 101st AVN BN. The email address is d101hawks@hotmail.com or you may leave your comments in the guest book on this site at d101hawks.com.

The copies that I have were obtained from the U.S. Government and National Archives about 16 years ago when I first had a idea about a history for the Hawks of D Company of the 101 AVN BN of the 101 ABN DIV. The documents that I obtained cover 1968, 1969, 1970, and 1972 the Annual Supplement for 1971 could not be located. I have yet to find a written history of the Hawks, some information can be gathered from the Battalion history, but it still remains a history of the battalion. It is my hope that a history will now be written about the Hawks by the Hawks themselves, it is to that end that I started the website for the Hawks several years ago. The website idea started from a few simple emails to and from JP Conway of vhpamuseum.org and then made possible by the very hard work of Webmaster Donna Delor of bearmarketgifts.com and wife of Dan Delor of the Blue Ghosts and two very brave Hawks pilots, Hawk 13 and Hawk 21 and I say brave for two reasons. The first being that they are truly brave men for flying all those years for the Army, the second being that they were brave enough and very gracious in allowing their photos to be the first ones posted on the website.

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