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2010 Hawk Reunion

May 18, 2010:  The countdown has started with just a few days to make plans to be at the VHCMA Reunion, which is most likely one of the larger Aviation reunions going.  It will be a good place to meet old buddies and make new ones among the variety of aviations guys who will attend.  Ben Bright has said he will be there with a big welcome for the Hawks and all the guys in attendance.
April 15, 2010:   Ben Bright has checked in and said he will be attending the VHCMA reunion in Atlanta, Georgia during June 16 thru June 19.  Be sure and check out the VHCMA website at www.vhcma.org for further info about the events they have planned and how to register for the hotel and the reunion.  One of the planned events is a short bus ride to a small airport south of Atlanta and the opportunity to take a Huey ride.  The bus ride is listed at $15 and the cost of the Huey ride is listed at $40 for veterans and $50 for non veterans, be sure and check these price again as they are under the control of the organization at the small airport south of Atlanta.
March 15, 2010:
  Just a reminder for everyone to check their schedule and see how it matches up against the reunions of interest to D Company the rest of this year.  D Company was represented at the 2010 Snowbird Reunion that was in FL in February.
The Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA) will be having their 24th Annual Reunion June 16 thur June 19, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, please check their website at www.vhcma.org
for further detailed information.
The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) will be having their 27th National Annual Reunion in San Diego, CA during June 30-July 5, 2010, please check their website at www.vhpa.org
for more detailed information.
The 101st Airborne Association will be having their 65th Annual Reunion in Indianapolis, Indiana August 11-15, 2010, be sure and check their website www.screamingeagle.org
for more detailed information.
February 24, 2010:  Ben Bright emailed and said the VHCMA is having a reunion in Atlanta, GA during June of 2010.  Several Hawks have already expressed a interest in having a D101Hawks mini-reunion during the VHCMA reunion, as more information comes in I will post it here and email to those Hawks on the emailing list.
February 23, 2010:  The 2010 Snowbird reunion is over and I hope that everyone had safe travels back home.  Any D Company attendees can email me pictures and or comments about the reunion and I will post them on the D101Hawks.com website.  I also invite comments or guestbook entries by the other Companies in the battalion.
This is the lastest from CW Jackson of B101 on the 2010 Snowbird reunion, please contact CW at cw_209 @ yahoo.com for further information.
Snowbird Reunion Attendees:
We have secured the Lime Room (Hospitality Suite) with the number of RSVP's we have given the Wyndham, per Jessica Goldstein.  The list below shows those who are attending and made RSVP's as well as those who are attending, but not staying at the Wyndham, as of 1/27/2010.
For those arriving on or before noon on the 18th, the Lime Room will be available at 9:00 am on the 18th. One of our members will make arraignments with Jessica Goldstein to open the suite, so those arriving will have a place to meet.
Joe Kline has been kind enough to send 3 of his prints that we will display and raffle off for the group.  Also, Donna Smith (Roger Smiths wife) has cookbooks that will be available for the women.  If any of the women are interested in the cookbook, or would like to add one of their favorite recipes, they can contact Roger at  rsmith602 @ tampabay.rr.com or call 863-858-3225. (Okay ladies, maybe we can sneak in one shopping day).  We are looking forward to seeing everyone again, and hope that the weather is as good this year as it was last year !!!
Please remember to bring your pictures or other memorabiliaia that you wish to share with others.  The Memorial Dinner will be on Saturday night the 20th, and attire will be "Dress Casual".
CW & Barbara Jackson
Name Guest Name # in Party   Company  
Addington, James   1   B co 3
Bannister, William   1   B co 3
Behrens, Fred   1   B co 3
Bennett, Joel Nancy 2   B co 2
Bercaw, John   2   A co 3
Brennan, James Betty 2   B co 4
Chesser, Conrad Fran 2   B co 3
Cyr, Paul Lorraine 2   B co 3
Eyanson, Charles   1   B co 3
Fritz, Al   2   A co 3
Higdon, Stephen Gail 2   B co 3
Hill, Betty   2   B co 4
Hummel, Richard   1   B co 3
Jackson, CW  Barbara 2   B co 3
Kelley, Richard Judy 2   B co 5
Klein, Howard   1   A co 4
Konopka, Thomas   1   B co 3
Lane, Larry Judi 2   C co 3
Lebrie, Joseph Anne 2   B co 2
Mast, Gary Lynda 2   B co 6
Mastro, John   1   A co 4
Mateer, Jim   1   A co 4
McCulloch, Alan Mary 2   C co 3
McDowell, Robert Arlene 2   B co 5
Meola, Mario   1   B co 3
Miller, Art Peggy 2   B co 4
Murray, John Cynthia 2   D co 4
Nelson, Gary   1   D co 3
Nordenstrom, John son 2   D co ? 3
Overstreet, Milo   2   A co 4
Pate, Mike Anne 1   B co 2
Peterson. Jon Sonny 2   B co 3
Pullen, Joseph Bill Spiller 2   B co 3
Ragan, Edward   1   B co 4
Roach, Kenneth   1   B co  3
Simonian, Kenneth Sonyia 2   B co C co 7
Smith, Roger Donna 2   B co 1
Spivey, Hubert Sandy 2   B co 3
Stewart, Lonnie Son 2   B co 3
Thompson, James Diane 2   B co 2
Turck, Thomas Diane 2   B co 9
Vrooman, Alan   1   B co 2
West, J B    1   B co 2
Witt, Chris   1   B co 1
Wold, Brian   1   A co 4
Wood, Thomas  Christina 2   D co 3
Total   74     155
Possible Atendees          
Parresol, John Angie 2   B co  
Siebe, Wayne    2   B co  
Saxon, Jim   1   B co  
Riding, Ben Cyndee 2   B co  
Attending but not staying at the Wyndham        
Godwin, Johnny Faye 2   B co  
Chapman, Bill Betty 2   B co  
Fry, Jerry   1   B Co/C co  
Elshant, Paul   1   B Co  

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