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2008 Hawk Reunion

August 17, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  The 2008 D101Hawks reunion in Reno is now over and we are wishing everyone who attended safe travels home.  As the reunion pictures come in I will post them in the Photo Gallery.
August 12, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  This is the big week and I hope that all Hawks going to the 2008 Reunion in Reno will have safe travels.  I look forward to receiving and posting emails that are sent from the reunion site and also digital pictures if they can be sent from Reno.  We may have to wait till the reunion attending Hawks are back home again before receiving and posting any reunion pictures.
August 6, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  Not may days left till the Reunion and I don't have any real news today except to say that I will continue to post infomation as it comes in before, during and after the reunion to keep all Hawks updated who are unable to attend the 2008 D101Hawks Reunion in Reno.
July 25, REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  A good idea just came in from a member of the Planning Committee, and that is to bring your VietNam pictures and any orders that may have names of other Hawks on them, that way names and faces can be put together.  If any other Hawks have any ideas concerning the reunion just send me a email and I will do my best to post it here or if you wish I could forward it to the planning committee for their consideration.
July 24, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  The original flag design is the one that the Planning Committee will be going with and the D101Hawks Flag will be on display at the 2008 D101Hawks Reno Reunion.
July 16, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  Just got some great news from the planning committee and that is that now the Hawks will have the Sirrea Room in the Skytower.  All attending Hawks will need to register with the 101st Airborne Division Association when they get to the hotel and also be on the lookout for a Aviation sign-in book  Start thinking in terms of the activities that will be offered and especially the ones that the Hawks can do as a group, and of course any planning and ideas for the next reunion can be started at this reunion.
July 13, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  No real news to post this time but hopefully in a few days the Planning Committee will be sending some information that I can post, one Hawk is working to secure a place for the Hawks to meet and visit with one another and as soon as I have firm information about that I will post it here.
June 20, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  The 2008 D101Hawks Reunion Tee Shirts have arrived in Nevada and are being held at a location near the reunion site.
June 10, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  Just reviewed the screamingeagle.org website to look at the latest reunion news from them and saw the announcement for the Aviation Dinner.  It will be on Thursday August 14, 2008 and if interested you would need to call 209-83-2723 or email before July 20, 2008.  Their website puts the cost at $35.00 per person for the Buffet menu, but more importantly it will be the place where all the aviation guys can make contact with each other.  I looked over the list of Registered Attendees for the reunion and it shows listing for members from the 101st AVN BN, the 158th AVN BN and the 159th AVN BN so Aviation will be well represented.
MAY 29, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:  This is the final design of the 2008 D101Hawks Reunion T-hirt, it will be given away free to those D101Hawks who are able to attend the reunion in Reno.  I am trying to get a plan together so that I can ship the tees to one D101Hawk there at the reunion and that Hawk will then give out the tee shirts to the other D101Hawks attending the reunion.
MAY 24, 2008 REUNION INFORMATION UPDATE:A t-shirt has been designed and I will try and get a picture of it posted on the site within the next week or so, the tee shirt will have text only on it.  The tee shirt will be given away to the Hawks who are able to attend the 1st D101Hawks reunion in Reno, the 2008 Reunion will be a good time for the Hawks who are able to attend to begin the design work for a tee shirt for the D101Hawks 2009 Reunion.  Remember to take your camera's and especially digital camera's and I will post as many pictures to the website as I have room for, I will also post the pictures during the reunion if someone can email me pictures directly from the 2008 Reunion site.

MAY 2008 INFORMATION:  I will be getting in touch with the D101Hawks Planing Committee and find out any new info about the reunion and I will post the results here.  One note:  I think we are suppose to have our own meeting room during the reunion.
APRIL 2008 INFORMATION:  I did join the 101st Airborne Division Association and they send out a nice little package with a 101st logo pin for your lapel or collar and some decals and other information about their association.  I joined as a show of support since they are allowing the D101Hawks to have our mini-reunion during their reunion.
MARCH 2008 INFORMATION: All D101 Hawks that are interesting in attending the 2008 Company D reunion in Reno, Nevada with the 101st Airborne Division Association please contact us at d101hawks @ hotmail.com and let us know how many will be in your party. We will have a mini-reunion during the time the 101st Airborne Division Association have their regular annual  reunion August 13-17 of 2008. It will soon be time for us to register for the reunion with the 101st Airborne Division Association or you may choose to join the 101st Airborne Division Association and I think then you will be able to register early, if so go to: screamingeagle.org and follow their instructions to join their association. I think the cost is $25.00 for a one year members.

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