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Welcome D 101 Hawks!

This site is dedicated to all Hawks from Viet Nam to the present day Hawks who are still serving to protect our nation.

The history and the legacy of the Hawks started in Viet Nam in July of 1968 and it went something like this: UH-1 gunships were the order of the day when the D101Hawks was formed with men and equipment from other units that were already combat proven, and they carried the battle forward till the new AH-1G gunships arrived. Lessons were learned from these combat proven pilots, crew chiefs, gunners and maintenance crews. The Hawks of D101 took to the air with their new Cobra gunships and carried on with the mission and became part of a proud Aviation History.

Hawks are still serving in various parts of the world and are still part of the team that protects our FREEDOM and everyday they add a new page to the proud history of the Hawks.

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